2005-05-06 03:23:40 ET

I love how the new version is complete with less primary color contrast, low rise bootcut underwear, low-sheen spandex & all. Despite this is ultra-modernized, if you take one step back and think about it the costume is still a pretty ridiculous idea, to be wearing that in Manhatten whilst trying to save citizens nationwide.

Personally, I like this version more:

2005-05-06 03:43:14 ET

His cape looks like it's made out of vinyl. Like old cheap car seats. Superman apparently steals vintage cars, rips out the seats, skins them, and uses the fabric(?) to repair his costume.

2005-05-06 09:29:58 ET

what is up with that dudes legs? holy shit.

2005-05-06 10:17:14 ET

couldn't we just call them the naughty twins?

noooooo, cus theyre the ass fuck twins!!!!

come on hung!!!

2005-05-06 10:50:14 ET

orgazmo is the shit.

2005-05-07 11:16:16 ET

i don't mean to sound like a queer or nothin, but i think depeche mode is a kick ass band!

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