2005-05-11 15:36:32 ET

So today I moved into the NEW(!) temporary home. I will be here until late August. WHY? Because I was sent out on my own because my grandmother has no love. I mean it in the way that, I think it'll be fun to paint that 4th canvas of the Nightmare series now. There's this nightmare...well it used to be a nightmare...of my father holding her in his arms, huddled together in the freezing snow, dying together. I think that'd be a nice, nice view of her ending. Well, maybe don't take my father with her.

My mom found my citizenship. SOOO you may ask what's going to be of Antony Green's long-awaited trip? Well now that she just quit a dying family connection (consisting 1 of the 4 family members I've talked to in the past years), living on my own means not flying off. I wish I can fly off. I really do.


2005-05-12 01:12:49 ET

fly antony! be a bird!

2005-05-13 09:47:27 ET


one day maybe she'll soften up

you never know

(sorry im such a sap, but you could prolly use it to your advantage :P)

2005-05-13 15:20:49 ET

sorry, I'll sit on the ground and make myself a vengeful person.

2005-05-15 09:51:57 ET

there is no sympathy for mr vengeance :P

(thats the name of the new one by the guy what did old boy)

2005-05-16 04:48:02 ET

sheesh, she kicked you out? and I thought I had an unfamily-like family :(

2005-05-16 13:05:39 ET

*shrug* everyone knows she did that cos she's thinking I may steal her properties if she ever get sick/falls over.

2005-05-16 20:15:33 ET

if i get sick and fall over you can steal my stuff

its ok ;)

2005-05-16 20:59:59 ET

*snatches your mulah from hiding spots*

2005-05-17 11:30:55 ET

still, it's a rotten way to treat family...

2005-05-17 19:33:12 ET

my dad's side of family is pretty rotten like that.
I don't think anyone else in my family will have better view of them; I mean, sure they're family, but if it's not money/gift involved, will there be any form of union? NO.

2005-05-17 21:31:02 ET

what about the other side of the family?

2005-05-18 18:10:38 ET

the other side of family is even further away from me than you?

2005-05-18 21:59:02 ET


anyhow, looks like I'm not going to China after all :) so a trip somewhere this summer might happen

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