console war:
2005-05-20 12:40:44 ET

from :

"Bottom line (for Nintendo) is, you're number three in the marketplace," Goodman said. "Your console is not offering all the capabilities of your competitors' consoles. You're relegated as being the kid's platform. There's just a series of missteps on behalf of Nintendo and I haven't seen anything in Revolution that corrects those missteps. Nothing. And being third to market just exacerbates the problem."

Nicely put.

2005-05-20 13:08:42 ET

but nintendo owns pokemon.

2005-05-20 13:20:09 ET

that proves her point even more Sir.

2005-05-20 14:14:13 ET

I can't find the exact quote, but Nintendo have basically said "We don't care for a tech race, we're trying to innovate". Personally, I think it's a good call, but it will get them killed in the American-esque market place. Games like WarioWare Touched and Donkey Konga are some of the most fun I've played in a long time. If consoles keep pushing technology you're going to see a degradation of game quality. Developers have to have more features and have fancier graphics to "keep up". In order to do so they can either hire a bigger team, which they won't do, or just cut corners and make shorter games. Or release betas as a retail copy and distribute patches. None of which is good for the consumer.

Nintendo isn't (last I saw figures for - about 8 months old) in third place in sales. In the Asian market it sells more GBA SPs alone than XBox and PS2 combined. Same goes for just the GBA. It is something along the scope of GBA SP: 280,000 units / month, GBA: 180,000 units, PS2: 120,000, XBox 40,000. I can't remember where the GC figures in, but I think it's around the 100,00 mark. In the American-esque markets the XBox and PS2 sells more than the Nintendo stock. But if you look at sales worlwide it is Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft.

2005-05-20 16:09:59 ET

im not trying to disprove her. im saying that the american market doesnt prove who makes more money seeing as pokemon makes a hell of a lot of cash for nintendo.

slaad: i was looking for those figures too. they blow ps2 and xbox out of the water.

2005-05-20 22:21:50 ET

its funny if you look at the games americans make... like most games for XBOX.

compare those with sony ... then nintendo. and it is true that nintendo is making good $.

xbox 2's whole live bit seems strange. would it work in asian countries where hardly anyone uses xbox? Korea has the best broadband systems but ps2 is still much more popular there.

do you think an end to what we consider PC gaming is good?

2005-05-21 00:07:49 ET

i personally am bothered by the end of PC gaming.

2005-05-21 06:36:43 ET

PCs offer far more possibilities for gaming than consoles. What I would like to see is a $200 gaming platform in the form of an expansion card for the PC. Best of both worlds. Plus with the whole modding community being PC only this will enable an influx of a whole bunch of brand new games to come to fruition.

2005-05-21 06:52:22 ET

i was also thinking of a PC / console connection like some form of expansion update. Like the console could be the video component or something, but it have more functionality. obviously the main problem is paying $1200 for a better computer and at the max $500 for a next gen console.

2005-05-21 12:20:59 ET

xbox is everything

no other console touches it now, and nothing will then from what i say

go bill gates!

2005-05-21 12:36:05 ET

i modded my xbox and its great. I wish ic ould do the same with PS3

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