2005-05-27 19:17:27 ET

I signed for Molly's contest the other day for kicks. I am completely prepared to the least amount of vote; in fact, I don't even know where those couple of votes are from.

Chris told me straight up: when it comes to going goth, it's the white girl's world.
Antony responded: I know. I tried finding pictures of myself looking goth for 2 days, but there's just...none! None at all!
Eric: The whiter the better.
Antony: I am not even white enough to pass as a Chinese! Walk down the street and I can hear black guys going "yo check out that philly's ass!"

So, hah. Vote for me. Even if I win I won't get the prize anyway, I don't live in the states.

* * * * *

(9 more days til I become 22)

2005-05-27 19:25:42 ET

done, voted for you.

2005-05-27 21:31:01 ET

Oh man. Paula Kaiser.
I know her. Man. Stupid internet.

Yeah, I voted for you.
I have a picture of you. Being goth in a park.

2005-05-28 01:03:29 ET

<-voted for u too<BR> and after my vote u were leading by one vote!

2005-05-28 02:42:20 ET

Thanks Malk.
Dan, describe Paula Kaiser. I'm getting old; can't remember what picture of me being goth in a park. At all!

Klemmy, to tell you the truth, I don't even know where that amount of votes are from.

2005-05-28 05:25:49 ET

ANTONY GREEN, leading the polls!

im gunna be twenty in 5 days!!!!! (june 2) or is that 4?

2005-05-28 10:31:32 ET

She is a model. Lots of scantily clad pictures of her are taken.
And she is spoken for.

2005-05-28 10:34:54 ET

So far you're winning. And I think your only real competition is from Madame Archal.

2005-05-28 13:44:02 ET

hahahaha who the hell is voting that many times for me?!?!?!?
I question if I am trying too hard by crossposting this on Suicide Girls and SK. I mean I don't even have the gall to ask my friends to vote. I just brought the topic up to couple of them to diss myself.

Ars, we should throw a potluck birthday party together. I already got a couple of people who are near my birthday to split that day, you should come for girls girls girls!

Dan, how come I am in a folder of "evil"?

2005-05-28 14:00:43 ET

don't you canadian?

2005-05-28 21:30:04 ET

You are right next to http://mekh.net/evil/onions1.jpg .

2005-05-31 09:36:45 ET

you know my friend who is a butcher named phil and wears a suit?

when i read this line in your post :

"Walk down the street and I can hear black guys going "yo check out that philly's ass!""

i thought of him and laughed so hard.

and yeh goths are racist morons who arent even tough enough to form a gang and do anything with their views

2005-09-30 09:42:00 ET

I voted for you

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