2005-07-15 19:36:30 ET

update: I am on the verge of being fired.

2005-07-16 01:21:27 ET


2005-07-16 01:42:55 ET

quick. grab all the incriminating materials you can and sell them to rivals!!! or have an affair with the boss

2005-07-16 13:48:05 ET

Now how could someone possibly think that was a good idea? Oh well, they don't deserve you.

2005-07-16 14:31:33 ET

They really don't.
I'm officially suspended today waiting for possible termination notice. Over what this time? over what, today?

For eating NEAR my work location during UNPAID BREAK.

2005-07-16 21:22:57 ET

OMG! you were EATING?????

2005-07-16 21:25:48 ET

OMG! you were EATING?????

2005-07-17 16:08:55 ET

Eating is terrible terrible thing.

2005-07-17 17:05:25 ET

It is. I am about to cry.

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