2005-09-13 12:38:13 ET

Next wednesday this new job requires me to go to Chicago. I will be there with my two bosses. 5 days. With no one to hang out with but my 2 bosses. DAMN.

Anyone in this area is welcome to visit me.

2005-09-13 12:43:34 ET

Klemmy, Defektiv Unit live in the area. Talk to them :)

2005-09-13 12:56:03 ET

something could possibly be arranged next weekend. Defektiv Unit is prolly closer though. and the fact that he's 1mil times more interesting than me.

2005-09-16 01:24:55 ET

now that i think about it, i am interesting. and i did get a CRAPLOAD of hours this week. so it could be def. arranged. but i kno nothing of chicago.

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