2003-07-17 16:59:56 ET

Birthdays suck. I just turned 20 and my mom or dad didnt even call me to wish me happy birthday. My husbands grandma that I never met even sent me a card and my own parents forgot.
Well I dont know if my dad forgot, I havent heard from him since july 4 th, and he was fighting with his wife. I think she may have done him in and chopped him up to hide the evidence or something. I am not sure but normally we talk at least 3 times a week and every time i call it says the line is busy and I emailed him and recieved no answer.
I guess my birthday wasn't that bad really. Monte took me out to the Olive Garden and then we went to the dollar movie theater and saw X men 2.

2003-07-18 08:17:52 ET



2003-07-18 09:15:03 ET

happy birthday april! :)

2003-07-18 09:45:37 ET

happy belated birthday!!!!!!!!!!

2003-07-21 12:06:25 ET

HaPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I hope your dad is okay...

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