2003-08-02 17:15:12 ET

For the first time in my life my mom told me to have sex, she really wants her grand daughter here. Then again she also told me to walk in circles and do jumping jacks, run laps . None of that stuff makes you have a baby faster.

2003-08-02 17:19:18 ET

well, but you MUST follow doctors orders right?!

heh, congrats on the baby.

2003-08-02 17:20:57 ET

i am full term and could have had the baby two weeks ago, she just doesnt want to come out.

2003-08-02 18:18:58 ET

It should come on it's own. Or if it's REALLY getting too long, your doctor will induce labour. Don't agonize over it, just let it happen.

2003-08-02 18:40:25 ET

ooh! you'd figure jumping jacks would hurt!

2003-08-02 18:58:53 ET

no they dont the only thing that really hurts is bending at the waist

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