2003-08-04 11:40:37 ET

The patheticness of perents is not truely realized till adult hood.
I just spent a good 20 min trying to convince my mom to get her cats fixed, her argument on why not to was that they should be a loud to experience parenthood at least once. I think her fixiation with her kitties is due to empty nest syndrom which she shouldnt be expieriencing untill my 15 year old brother moves out, but has one of the most severe cases I have every seen.

*She currently has 6 cats.

2003-08-09 05:45:29 ET

Heck, she's the one that's going to have to deal with all the kittens. She should kind of wait to be so sad until your brother is gone though.

2003-08-20 12:23:31 ET

Send your mom to a shelter to have her look at the kittens who are about to be destroyed because someone didn't have their kitty spayed.

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