2003-08-09 10:57:30 ET

I went to the doctor on the 6th for my weekly check up. Basicly the doctor said no baby for a week or two, and that wasnt what i wanted to hear. I am so sick of being pregnant, I was due the 7th I should be holding the baby by now. They figured my due date through a blood test and ultra sound and only 2% of the time is the baby late. I guess I am one of the two per cent. I just hope I dont fall into the 15% that water breaks in public.

2003-08-09 22:32:44 ET

.Maybe the baby is holding out so he/she can be a Virgo.

2003-08-12 21:43:18 ET

Don't worry about it ... my mom was late and had to have induced labour with all three of us.
The baby will come when it's ready, and if it isn't ready in a certain amount of time past the due date, the doctors will make it come out.
It happens all the time ... I'm thinking more often than 2% (because almost everyone I've known has been late)

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