2004-02-07 09:06:12 ET

I cannot believe I have negleted my journal for this long, I have been so busy. I am so proud of myself though I finally am adjusted to having Maddie and am gettign back to what some would call normal I guess. Right now I am working on the added weight of carrying a baby for 41 weeks. I set a goal 110 by May 2, I have been excersing every day and eating healthy and am very enthusiastic about it.
Maddie is doing so well, she is learning to stand and is getting quite good at it. It wont be to long that she will be running around. I am so lucky I was blessed with a very loving happy baby.
Grrr, it is income tax time and my ex employer fucked up my w2 for state and notified me after i had already e filede it so now i have the joys of filing an amended tax form and waiting forever to get the rest of my money. Grrr.

2004-02-07 10:02:51 ET

1. Yay! You're back!

2. Good luck with the weight.

3. Maddie is too adorable for words, I hope she wins the contest.

4. Taxes suck, and bosses that mess with them suck harder. *hug*

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