2004-02-09 09:05:22 ET

I am so tired... I stayed up till like 9 am with Maddie who was quite miserable... and of course once I do get her to sleep the phone rings or somebody knocks on the door... GRRR...Right now she is watching her baby einstien movie in her high chair sucking on a runny rhino feel better pop... when I was younger we didnt get suckers when we were sick we got nasty grape flavored cough syrup...

2004-02-09 09:21:51 ET

I remember when drugs would keep me up 'till 9a.m. and somehow someway, it becomes late nights at work and runny noses... meh, cycle of life I sappose.

2004-02-09 10:24:51 ET

she is so cute!

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