2004-02-12 13:43:52 ET

I have been having the dreaded feeling I may be pregnant again, I have been nautious alot and have been having pregnacy type dreams...I have been on depo provera since my first period after maddie was born, I am to affraid i might be to get a pregnancy test...and i dont want to say anything to monte because he is really stressed about money latley and i dont want him to worry...It isnt like I dont want another kid but not now there is no money or room...I dont know what to do cause i want to take a pregnancy test but cant buy one cause i dont drive and me and monte always keep very close track of the money and if 10 bucks came up missing i would have to explain it...what do i do...are there websites that send free test out or anything...HELP

2004-02-12 15:11:00 ET

Planned Parenthood does free testing for STDs as well as pregnancy. If you are in school, they can recommend a doctor. Also, contact your local city/county health depertment - they can help. Best wishes!

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