2004-02-15 14:09:39 ET

I am in such a great mood, like a naturaul high... I got my very own washer and dryer (yay) it is so cute they are apartment sized and the washer just rolls and hooks to the sink, then i also got a new entertainment center and a new 32 inch tv to match it, my house is cleaned except for the dishes and my mom is coming over for dinner tomorrow and i am going to shock er i think we are having some prime rib homeade mashed potatoes green beans and homemade peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream... also some good news my dad and his wife arent splitiing up exactly he is like splitting the house with her and just putting locks on his and my sisters stuff and my other sister isnt gonna move to the philipeans...

2004-02-16 11:53:46 ET

All that food is making my mouth water.
Yay for everything going well and new stuff!

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