2003-02-18 13:15:10 ET

I got fired today. So now the company gets to pay me more money than I was actually making not to work. Isn't the govrnment great.

2003-02-18 13:20:11 ET

yep the govn't is great
*grabs soap and cleans his mouth*
welcome to SK
you shall now get a flood of replies

2003-02-18 13:21:33 ET

never mind the the welcome, because you have been here before..........

2003-02-18 13:28:58 ET


2003-02-18 13:31:43 ET

Hey, that's a good thing atleast.

2003-02-18 14:01:23 ET

Welcome to SK

2003-02-18 14:32:26 ET

that's welcome BACK, baybay.

2003-02-18 16:06:19 ET


2003-02-18 17:53:11 ET

It's really great to see you back, April. I was looking at purged account records just the other day and thought to myself "gee, I wonder where April May went.." Welcome back! :)

(April was a beta tester and part of the first group of people to join the site!)

2003-02-19 09:16:53 ET

y0, april, just don't get pregnant! good luck finding a new job.

2003-03-01 15:42:35 ET

axo your a lil late i already am. I am due in aug

2003-03-01 16:08:33 ET

hoo boy!

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