2003-03-03 15:04:54 ET

I am so upset with schooling, Latley I have been helping my brother with his school work. I do not understand why schools insist on teaching useless facts rather than teaching how to think and determin individual ideas and opinions. I have no ability to understand why they teach mimiking rather than thinking.

2003-03-03 15:06:07 ET

you have no idea how what you just said makes me want to kiss you

2003-03-03 15:26:31 ET

well most schools teach what is popular belief at the time rather than how to determin thoughts on your own. schools should focus on learning how to think. facts are usless if you dont know what to do with them.

2003-03-03 15:54:38 ET

I hope you're not smoking if you're pregnant...

2003-03-03 16:21:09 ET

i just don't know why i have to learn logrythms... or well anything besides intrest rates in algebra 2... i'm not going to use this in my life!!!

2003-03-03 16:39:22 ET

that pic was pre pregnancy. I dont smoke anymore.

2003-03-03 16:51:47 ET

ok awesome :)

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