2003-03-04 16:13:09 ET

Man being pregnant is a lot harder than what you think before you get pregnant, I am not upset that i am pregnant i am very happy i am but i just wish for one day i had the energy and ability to eat like before i was pregnant. I feel like i am 80.

2003-03-04 21:03:32 ET

How far along are you? *tries to imagine an 80yr old pregnany april may*

2003-03-08 12:27:20 ET

I am almost 5 months, I bought my first maternity shirt yesterday.

2003-03-13 09:21:37 ET

COngrats....Hope it was a nice shirt... so you know what it is yet...? * feels so weird calling something an it when you know what it could turn into *

2003-03-16 16:54:23 ET

Well then you're more than halfway done with the pregnant part and halfway to the unable-to-sleep-because-of-the-incessant-crying part

2003-03-17 12:05:13 ET

that is what my husband is for. He can do that part

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