jelly bellys
2003-03-17 15:55:28 ET

i am so happy it is easter time; my family tends to buy me lots of jelly bellys. I love jelly Bellys. They are great.

2003-03-17 16:14:17 ET

Icky... Those things are satan. I used to live right next to their factory, it was an icky place.

2003-03-17 16:31:27 ET

*looks sadly at the half eaten bag and wonders how icky of a place, then checks where they were made and wonders if it is the same factory*

2003-03-17 16:33:29 ET

The factory wasn't that bad, but the surrounding area sucked ass. BTW, they are made right next to Naval and Recruit training center great lakes. I think I OD'd on them while I was out there. They give generously to the sailors. If I ever see another coffee flavored jelly belly in my life I will go ballistic.

2003-03-17 16:34:45 ET

i like the pear and cantelope ones

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