2003-03-17 17:08:31 ET

I am devoting this entry to the shere brilliance of these sites,and all the work put into them. I will never forget the first time I entered a sykosite, or some forum topics, and some people. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in stuff we dont notice change and maybe dont appreciate it as much as we should, The sites look better than ever.
Favorite Forum Topics
These are just some great memories along with found chat memories, I wonder if year ago xanithe would ever imagine today we would remember him and the fat vampire chicks...

2003-03-17 17:17:56 ET

Good ol' days.

2003-03-17 17:40:55 ET

lmao, that goth kid is pretty funny (link 3)

2003-03-18 12:23:44 ET

hee hee. way back when I was a young kid.

2003-03-18 12:27:43 ET

This entry has reminded me to re-visit sykospark.com. Thank you for showing me the light.

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