2003-03-21 13:23:22 ET

What are people coming to? My 14 year old brother has a new girlfriend, she is a cyber girlfriend. The weird thing is she is 20 years old, and she knows his age. What sane 20 year old is going to have a 14 year old cyber boyfriend

2003-03-21 13:24:03 ET

a 42 year old guy posing as a 20 year old girl would have a 14 year old boyfriend

2003-03-21 13:26:40 ET

I agree with vasa on that one.

2003-03-21 13:28:24 ET

That's just insane, there's absoloutely no justification in that. The mental and emotional maturity difference between a 14 year old and 20 year old are astronomical. I think maybe you should introduce your brother to some new friends his own age.

2003-03-21 14:13:32 ET

that makes me feel dirty just to *read* it

2003-03-21 15:10:21 ET

yeah, i agree with Vasa, a lying one

2003-03-21 15:53:49 ET

I dont know I couldnt pic my brother with a girlfriend his own age let alone 20. I guess he met her in a lord of the rings chat, It was a good movie but they are forming a cult out of it. They all have like elven screen names and shit. All i have to say is wierd.

2003-03-21 17:26:15 ET

LOTR has always had a pretty huge cult following. There are even people out there who can read and write the elven languages proficiently.

2003-03-21 19:19:13 ET

Lots of 40 year olds like lord of the rings

2003-03-21 19:22:57 ET

And 14 year old boys.

2003-03-22 05:33:51 ET

I'm all about the 6 year age gap, y0.

2003-03-22 16:11:45 ET

***So that's YOUR brother?*** ;)

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