2003-03-24 14:41:58 ET

Today has been the day from hell. To star with when i was getting the mail, I let my cat out on accident and she ran away. Then in the mail was a loveley notice from the owners of the building saying I have to pay a hundred dollar deposit and they are rasing my rent 25 dollars a month to keep my puppy. Then i went out to the car to get something and one of the neighbor kids put a huge scratch in the front of our car. I called the land lord and they said they couldnt do anything about it. They wont even post a sign telling kids to stay out of the driveway, and the guy was a real ass about it, like it is my fault the stupid bitch that lives next store leaves her kids out side with out any supervision for hours every day. Grr, I should procally just go to sleep and wait for tomorrow. I just miss my kitty. sniff sniff

2003-03-24 15:16:28 ET

damned kids!!! What happened to your kitty?

2003-03-24 16:37:47 ET

She ran away

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