2003-03-26 14:45:31 ET

MY kitty came home, after she got some kitty ass and is probally now carrying lil kitties inside her. THE DAMN WHORE.

2003-03-26 15:01:26 ET

you should've made her wear a little kitty chastity belt.

2003-03-26 15:32:40 ET

i hope they wore protection...

2003-03-26 15:36:39 ET

My lil evelyn has been deflowered. I dont know if they were protected but she showed up at 2 am with two other cats.

2003-03-26 15:39:12 ET

whoa, super slut !!

2003-03-26 16:58:02 ET

Go evelyn!

2003-03-26 17:03:24 ET

Yea but i gained two out side cats that sit in front of my door at night

Then i let my hyper cocker spaniel go play with them

2003-03-26 17:53:31 ET

cocker spaniels are dogs from hell.

i have feared them for a long time.

2003-03-27 13:07:06 ET

=( cocker spaniels are my power animal!
<3 <3 <3

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