2003-05-15 11:21:36 ET

It's a girl. We are naming her Madilyn Grace. Not much is going on. I have been busy getting ready for the baby (cleaning, painting all that good shit) 3 more months to go!

2003-05-15 12:45:35 ET

this is sooooo cool...the first SUBKULTURES BABY!!! :)

2003-05-15 18:32:10 ET

aw..what a beautiful name!

2003-05-19 15:37:34 ET

What colors are you painting the baby's room?

2003-05-22 11:37:24 ET

I painted the walls a pale spearmint green color and the trim is in a light blue. I am decorating everything with the Winnie the Pooh days of hunny collection.

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