2003-06-19 15:03:00 ET

Maddie is due in aug and things are really going good. The DR. says she is really healthy. I am looking into a possible career pathway. I am looking into getting a degree in hotel and restuarant management. Monte is really happy at his new job, and they are really impressed with his work ethics. We are looking into the resources needed to transfer to Coloniel williamsburg in two years when they open up a new resort there.
Evelyn had her kitties two nights ago. Four of them, one is all black except it has a grey front leg and opposite grey back leg ( i named it Bruiser) One is black with a white patch on its belly ( Monte named it Snow Ball)the other two are black and grey. It is hard to tell cause they are so young but i hope there markings become more define. Evelyn is doing very good( despite the first kittie coming out backwords. She is being a very good mommy kitty. Cuddles, are cocker spaniel is extremley curious about the kitties but we are affraid she might hurt them. She gets really excited and runs around in circles and runs into things (She is "special" and rode the short bus to doggy training)
I am too excited Harry Potter 5 comes out this saturday, someone dies in the new one. I am as curious as a kitten.

2003-06-19 15:08:44 ET

snowball? hmm...reminds me of animal farm.

2003-06-19 15:32:42 ET

Apes, I spent many a visit in Williamsburg---my gf in college went to William and Mary. Perhaps you could start out at extension school there. Colonial Williamsburg is fun--yet boring. In that colonial resort kinda way. :9

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