[ ...of the future ]
2006-06-12 00:11:17 ET

sometimes you have to leave behind everything for the horizon.
sometimes you have to walk out into the ocean wearing the clothes on your back.
sometimes you can only take what you can carry.

this is all of those times.

[ listening to | depeche mode : nothing's impossible ]

2006-06-12 00:56:56 ET

Welcome to SK!

Get in then van. >:O

2006-06-12 01:33:35 ET

Welcome to SK

Yay, Depeche Mode!

2006-06-12 02:59:51 ET

welcome! :)

nice pic.

2006-06-12 04:09:12 ET

the ambitions are:

wake up
keep breathing .

2006-06-12 04:18:57 ET

Welcome to SK

2006-06-12 05:45:41 ET

that's beautiful, welcome to subkultures!

2006-06-12 07:20:34 ET

Welcome to subkultures.net. It's like crack, only arguably better for you.

2006-06-12 09:27:11 ET

hi everyone. thanks for the kindly welcomes.

2006-06-12 13:28:13 ET

Where in the midwest are you?
Did you take that photo? It's amazing!

2006-06-12 18:47:27 ET

bloomington indiana, but only for one more week.

2006-06-13 10:59:25 ET

As always, I'm late. Welcome, stranger.

2006-06-13 13:33:37 ET

thanks. nice to be here.

2006-06-13 19:22:46 ET

Welcome to SubK

Mind your extremities.

2006-06-14 06:18:00 ET

I dunno where that is at. haha, but that sucks, cause i'm moving back to chicago in August. Where are you moving to?

2006-06-14 09:06:00 ET

300 MHz>> moving to norfolk, va. i've got some friends in chicago. ever heard of q-bot?

2006-06-14 15:36:18 ET

Welcome to SK!

2006-06-14 16:50:02 ET

oh snap. I have friends in Norfolk. haha

No, I haven't.

2006-06-15 07:15:56 ET

You have friends in norfolk? no kidding. ive djed all around the hampton roads area. huh. maybe i know them.

Q-bot is great. she'sa dj in chicago. recently we had her in bloomington. real nice and great set too.

2006-06-15 11:10:29 ET

oh nice. I should check her out.
I do have friends in Norfolk. They just moved out there in March.

2006-06-15 12:37:59 ET

Welcome to SK *does the happy dance* OH YEAH OH YEAH
there are lots of good things in the van, do not be frightened.

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