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2006-07-16 04:05:20 ET

my front yard

so, i'm three weeks in and the joy of being here still has yet to fade. i have seen the ocean reflect the sky. i saw the sun go down over an industrialized port skyline.

i have driven through tunnels and i have sped across highways blaring breakcore hand in hand with my partner. i have broken into buildings just to take pictures of the structure. i have drank with friends in great quantity and with great quality.

i danced hard to a few songs at a night here but spent a great deal of my actual time there talking to norman, someone i havent spoken to in a very long time.

i have rediscovered the city and revalued the worth of human experience [something i have spoken of and finally got to do on my own]. i have expanded my reading list thanks to raine.

i spent two weeks with her when i first got back to virginia. it has been the best part about returning home. sharing with her why i love this place. sharing my friends with her.

to see how happy she was and how we could close ourselves off in our own world with a gaze solidifies the importance of full integration. it's an entire conversation in a look carried by a UI i completely trust.

i have broken my glasses which means i need to get new ones. in the meantime i look 'extra nerdy' [ pic ]. i also believe i have broken my right hand again and my left one now as well. i ate it pretty bady and made an ass out of myself while rollerblading.

i've been back in a Front 242 mood again. i'm stuck on 'soul manager' and 'motion' again. the words carry a different meaning now. a very different meaning.

i always seem to catch the binary clock above the mythBOX at 2:42pm.

welcome to corey v3.0 as some people have called it.

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2006-07-16 08:40:59 ET

I'm in a Tragedy for You mood lately. Go figure.

2006-07-17 14:39:02 ET

for that lack of anything else to say, that pic in your post would make a bitchin' desktop if it were a little wider. because I have a fetish for insane resolutions and I refuse to buckle.

2006-07-17 14:51:30 ET


really. its a 242 kind of july i guess.

2006-07-17 14:52:09 ET

>>defektiv unit

thanks my partner took it. that's actually me there.

2006-07-17 15:23:35 ET

no shittin' I openned today's ljfriendspage to have this horrible monster destroy my layout.

2006-07-17 15:33:43 ET

shay thats absolutely hilarious. it REALLY IS a 242 July!

2006-07-18 04:55:13 ET

Seriously, not all our party flyers are so hediously ugly.

And yeah, 242 month galore!

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