hate, hate, hate them!
2009-03-25 12:23:24 ET

I absolutely detest ring-back tones. Most ring tones or ring back tones are just fucking noise if you don't know the song. They are never clear. Always static! You want to express yourself via song? Save that shit for your myspace. No one else cares what song from the movie Twilight is your personal theme song for your life! It is like being incoherently yelled at instead of getting a normal ring.

2009-03-25 12:31:51 ET

Argh! Ring-backs are horrible ideas. My friend had "Apologize" by One Republic as his, and since we often work together and call each other, I had to endure that for months till he got a new phone. I also hated the fact that it was only the chorus, not the whole song, just the stupid chorus.

2009-03-25 14:21:23 ET

I did that for a while, but only had it set for certain friends (didn't want work or professional contacts getting it). Then I realized paying 99 cents a month +song fees for my friend's benefit was ridiculous.

My best friend had some Nat King Cole song on hers for over a year. HATED IT.

2009-03-25 16:49:20 ET


2009-03-26 11:39:45 ET

glad to see I am not alone. ring backs also screw me up because I have no concept of how many times the phone has rung. my friend, who i talk to alomst daily, has a ring back tone and it is like hearing the same song every time you turn on the radio.

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