2009-09-20 06:24:12 ET

if god exists, he is the equivalent of a wife beater...(the man not the shirt)
he randomly, without warning, beats you down and you are still expected to apologize to him, and beg his forgiveness, and thank him for not killing you.

2009-09-20 16:25:04 ET

he does it because he loves me!!! :(

2009-09-20 19:32:41 ET

yeah sometimes you really do get to wondering. With me it has always seemed to usually go something great can only happen when something bad immediately follows. I know my life cant always be great, but I would like for a shitstorm not to happen immediately after a bit of sunshine.

If you need to chat, you can PM me.

2009-09-23 19:49:41 ET

I don't think it is God that brings the bad but Satan. however no one ever blames the devil, we blame God weather the situation be good or bad, which makes no sense in and of itself if you ask me...either way, I hope what ever it is gets better.

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