make up
2010-01-20 11:17:46 ET

has anyone ever tries the bare minerals makeup kit that is on those infomercials? I am a lazy make-up user.I'm tired of liquid foundation.I'm thinking of trying tinted moisturizers too.

2010-01-20 11:43:43 ET

I know a few women who have tried and really loved it. I think lose powder foundations look best on medium or oily skin. just my 2 cents.

2010-01-20 11:52:40 ET

i havent used bare minterals but i do like tinted moisterizer. i use it when i wear just some light makeup or in the summer.

2010-01-20 19:07:03 ET

I have tried bare minerals and I think that you can get something equally as good at a drug store. I have oily skin and I get a bit shiny when I use mineral foundation but I like it because it's very light feeling.

I've also tried a tinted moisturizer from Aveeno and I really like it.

2010-01-20 19:08:50 ET

i've never tried bare minerals but i do like mineral makeup. i've used a few drugstore brands and got very nice results.

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