2010-03-28 10:39:55 ET

I am officially a Cougar :-)

Though considering my age, I guess I would be considered more of Puma.

Tis fun and refreshing!

2010-04-03 03:06:55 ET

I think cougars are awesome lol. I joke that my aunt grace is one...but she really is... some of my guy friends want me to put in a good word for em...*sigh*

2010-04-26 16:03:22 ET

what has changed that had made it official?

2010-04-27 13:22:53 ET

age gap lol...32 year old ( myself) pursuing a 22 year old lol

2010-04-27 13:50:46 ET

I would classify you as a puma then. i think over 40-50+ years old is cougar hehe

2010-04-27 17:43:34 ET

once you get it, you'll be official, until then, youre just a pederass... sorry

2010-04-28 13:28:24 ET

haha, just having some fun

2010-04-28 14:50:01 ET

I know, I kid I kid.. but best of luck to you in your hunting :)

2010-04-29 13:57:48 ET


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