kiss and make-up
2010-07-11 16:29:11 ET

So after much taunting from my girly-girl sister, this tom-boy has invested in the bareMinerals starter kit from sephora.

I am excited and anxious and idk.

2010-07-12 04:49:44 ET

It is pretty good makeup! My skin doesnt do too well with the mineral powder base, i have to use a cream-based foundation :)

2010-07-17 04:41:01 ET

Okies, so I just (I MEAN JUST) tried it.
So other than the brish feeling a little pokie, I like it. It was so much easier than I thought and easier than my other attempts at make up. But I am kinda worried about how it will stand up to the day activities since I have the habit of touching my face thorughout the day.

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