American Idle
2010-07-23 19:16:17 ET

So, I have a little crush on Lee Dewyze. There I said it. So, instead of having him sign something for me, I thought I'd give him something...and no not herpes. I gave him a congratulations card. After the show, I waited with the other desperates for the Idols to come out.

I was only behind one person up to the railing. So when he came over to us after working him way around I slid my arm through and handed him the card with his name on it.

He said "oh thank you" and I smiled. I realize he probably says that a lot and I'm being a little silly. But it is fun to get butterflies over someting like that again. And it was fun knowing he was speaking directly to me.

OMG dork overload! lol

I should mention I'm not a big AI fan, I'm just a fan of the type of music that is seems he will be making.

2010-08-01 06:16:28 ET

lol um i totally understand. I got all giddy and excited just by being near hanson's tourbus and getting to be really close to them ( few feet away) as they waved at us dorks waiting outside.

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