2011-04-16 08:54:38 ET

Just saw on United States of Tara the internet wishlist thing. I wouldn't mind popping some balloons for a vespa. Where do I sign up for that?

2011-04-16 09:11:03 ET

that sounds awesome...if you find out where let me know :P

2011-04-16 09:18:58 ET

lol princess valhalla hawlkwind...she sat on a cake too.

2011-04-16 09:23:16 ET

i wanted to see that show but i no has cables

2011-04-16 09:36:16 ET

if you have netflix im pretty sure they have it on there but start from season 1 and work your way up to now.

2011-04-16 09:38:15 ET

ah i will go check :D

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