the wrong stuff?
2003-08-18 13:20:51 ET

wow, i havent posted in a while. last week was mostly lots of work. then the blackout. i didnt do much...just went down to the bar for a couple of drinks. smoked a bowl with my bro and went to sleep. friday night, i hung out with an old friend frrom parsons. we got drunk and ended up hooking up. i'm not sure how i feel about this. saturday was more work. then out to batcave. got to see the jersey crew which is always core. i had a great time. missed mono because i was working til the last minute. damn it. i am still in irvington at the headquarters. my week looks shot already. feh.

2003-08-18 15:38:02 ET

But ... but ... you have to come play tomorrow!

Good times.

P.S. She's too old for you.

2003-08-18 18:51:45 ET

im not sure if i can make it tomorrow.

haha, you might be right!

2003-08-19 04:35:56 ET

I hate when I can see well in advance that my week is already shot. Have as much fun as you can!

2003-08-19 05:45:26 ET

It's the second to last game! Tell your employers to SOD OFF.
And that you need to go out BOOZING.

2003-08-19 06:06:09 ET

DP: i will try to, its looking pretty grim

bio: man, if only i could

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