the man behind symbiotic
2003-08-20 14:47:32 ET

this guy just joined go say hello. he's the true talent behind symbiotic. a musical genius.

2003-08-20 14:50:05 ET

I was the first to say hello. *grins*

2003-08-20 14:57:12 ET

hahaha, I just burned myself a Symbiotic cd X-D coincedence? I think not.

2003-08-20 16:27:45 ET

Stop working and come out and play more, Gus.

I invented Interact.

2003-08-20 20:58:57 ET

Gus - hehe thanks for the shout out homey...oh, and are the brains behind symbiotic!

Bio - so you invented Symbiotic, and fathered life Cried? without you the NJ/NYC scene would be nothing!

2003-08-21 03:33:16 ET

I have now said howdy hoo to you and yours :D

2003-08-21 04:14:10 ET

PE: yes i saw that you were the first

BP: yay! i'm glad you still rock that shiznit

bio: in the grim future of gushammer 40,000...there is only work

jarv: if i am the brains..then we are in serious trouble!

DP: thanks!!!

2003-08-21 05:39:12 ET

(blatantly stolen).

In our present time. A time of taxes and tyrants. Where the government bureaucrats are petty and cruel. Only one man dares to challange there power. Bio. Bio possesses a strength the world has never seen before. a strength only surpassed by the power of his heart. He journies the earth battling the evil minions of deomcracy. But where ever there is evil where ever an innocent suffers there will be ... Bio.

2003-08-21 05:46:13 ET

where's your cape?

2003-08-21 06:05:05 ET

Left it in the Goth room.

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