the symbiotic show
2003-09-01 13:35:56 ET

first of all, thanks to everyone who came out to support us this past saturday. you know who you are. we had a decent turnout and a fairly enthusiastic crowd response which was gratifying. we had a fantastic time on stage, it was great to be able to play with our good friends in life [c]ried. there were many pictures are some of them...taken by the lovely kathy i believe:

pictures hosted by colin/porcupine defense so go check them out when you get a chance!

2003-09-01 13:52:53 ET

I'm taking all of those pictures and putting them on "rotate" and using them as my desktop pictures.

2003-09-01 14:23:10 ET

I like the ones with Chris's head in the audience. l33t.

2003-09-01 18:34:11 ET

Great photos. I wish I could have made it. :(

2003-09-02 03:52:52 ET

bio: nice!

insomnia: we missed you

squee: we wished you were there also!

2003-09-02 06:10:33 ET


2003-09-02 07:15:44 ET

support you doing what?!


2003-09-02 07:19:36 ET

oh, we just played a show here in nyc. i'm in this EBM band called symbiotic which i do vocals for.
our site:

2003-09-02 14:19:41 ET

great pics!!

i wish i didnt live all the way across the country. :(

2003-09-02 14:55:30 ET

I'm from Boston oooooooooh

very cool stuff!

2003-09-02 15:00:03 ET

blu: thanks! we could have used your support at the show!

tal: thanks! boston, eh? i've never been there. we might go up to play a show, if we can score one up there.

2003-09-02 16:10:21 ET

i'm sorry i didn't make it! i was dead tired and half drugged and couldn't time!!!

2003-09-02 16:13:28 ET

If there is a next time.
</general evil vaguery>

2003-09-02 16:14:06 ET

there better be a next time....or i'll have to bash some heads. </more general eveil vaguery>

2003-09-02 16:15:02 ET

we hope to play again...

2003-09-02 16:59:14 ET wants you ::grins::

2003-09-03 05:57:01 ET

our next show will be a live

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