it was really just a lie
2003-09-04 13:45:12 ET

pictures from the show are now posted in the images section. check them out if you have a chance!

2003-09-04 14:28:06 ET

i listened to some of your stuff and its really good! i like it.

2003-09-04 14:58:30 ET

why thank you =)

where did you hear it?

2003-09-04 15:31:24 ET

your website! i like the design too

2003-09-04 15:34:39 ET

ahh, ok. thanks, my friend matt designed the site. if you are ever on AIM i'll send some songs to you.

2003-09-08 15:54:25 ET

awesome! (pascals machine=AIM)

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