2003-09-18 14:27:21 ET

non-stop work is no fun. i randomly took a 3 hour nap today. just couldnt stay awake anymore. tomorrow is my friend matt's birthday. it will be an interesting evening. welp, back to the saltmines i go. this post was utterly pointless.

2003-09-18 14:28:32 ET

*Takes tequila shot and Licks saltmines*

2003-09-18 14:30:35 ET

I need a nap.

2003-09-18 14:39:26 ET

You want some lemon for that, Rabid?

2003-09-18 14:48:21 ET

I love random naps. I am seriously going to have to start my nap hobby up again.

2003-09-18 14:48:45 ET

yes please

2003-09-18 14:54:17 ET

2003-09-18 15:05:10 ET

It's Matt's birthday?!
Where's the celebration?
Am I invited?
::cries so hard::

2003-09-18 15:08:03 ET

*throws you a sweater*

2003-09-18 21:21:49 ET


2003-09-20 10:00:25 ET

man...i havent checked SK in a while. hello everyone! i'm glad everyone is getting along...see you guys later. perhaps in my next post?!?

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