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2003-09-23 16:22:02 ET

[ mood | drained ]
[ music | run for it-delerium ]

delerium/conjure one report...
first of all, anyone who had a chance to go and are a sucker [sorry jarv]

conjure one was amazing. the only disappointment was the length of their show. only half an hour. but they played all their bigs hits. 'sleep' 'tears from the moon' 'center of the sun' and two of the more arabic sounding tracks. they came off really well live.

delerium were amazing...basically the same band with bill leeb and a couple of new singers. they traded off, and would harmonize each other. sweet! they played 3-4 songs from each of the last 4 albums. standouts were 'after all' 'twilight' 'innocente' 'flowers become screens' & 'silence' but the whole set was rock solid. i'd see them again.

2003-09-23 16:58:50 ET

i would love to see delerium and conjure one :)

2003-09-23 17:14:34 ET

if you ever get a chance, do it!!!!

2003-09-23 18:24:26 ET

thanks again... jarv... for the ticket.*smirk*

2003-09-24 07:47:48 ET


2003-09-26 13:07:46 ET

storm : know i'm always looking out for my hommies

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