2003-10-09 15:21:07 ET

[ mood | geeky ]
[ music | shoulder holster - morcheeba ]

saw underworld today with my brother. as well as purchase a new phone. i can finally ditch my relic of a phone and join modern society. anyway, getting back to underworld...the best thing about the movie was the HOT BABE who was the lead actress. definately my new celebrity crush. time to root for the yanks.

EDIT: come see us play this sunday at QXT's!!!

more infor at our site

2003-10-09 15:24:58 ET

Was the movie any good?

2003-10-09 15:25:40 ET

then you should rent "pearl harbor," cos she was in it. i didn't see it though

2003-10-09 15:31:04 ET

300: it was ok. lots of eye candy but a bit thin on plot.

kaetz: holy cow! i hadnt realized until you just said that. i liked her in that movie also. mmmm tasty

2003-10-09 15:44:18 ET

Ahh... she's a luv. She came through in K. Branagh's MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. Her first role I think...
Was it worth seeing?

2003-10-09 17:22:22 ET

She;s in Serendipity too. I think Underworld was a big step up for her. You think you're prehistoric...I don't have a cellphone at all.

How can your mood be geeky? :P

2003-10-10 05:57:05 ET

storm: it was worth it for kate beckinsale and her only. kate + tight vinyl + knee high rivet boots = hotness

insubordinate: my new phone is sweet! its got the super covert camera. my mood can be geeky because i am a big geek. lol

2003-10-10 09:12:46 ET

Eye candy is the key. Matrix meets Vampire: The Masquarade.

2003-10-10 09:44:49 ET

Ah you're starting to make me wish I had one....wait...nope still don't want one.


2003-10-13 14:30:37 ET

TE: yes...exactly!

insub: callin me a yuppie?!?

2003-10-13 15:59:26 ET

:P yep

2003-10-13 16:01:35 ET

cries so hard

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