into my arms
2003-10-28 11:38:01 ET

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gotta keep this post short. the weekend saw my dear cousin karen getting married. i dreaded what i thought was going to be a catholic wedding. the ceremony ended up being only thirty minutes long which was fantastic. the we had a 3 hour wait until the reception....which was held at wayne manor. which is funny considering that i went to the batcave later in the evening. sorry, a bit of geek humor there. then non-stop work ever since.
symbiotic plays philly december 13th! be prepared. more details to follow

2003-10-28 13:10:30 ET

symbiotic BATMAN plays philly december 13th!

2003-10-28 14:26:16 ET

Attending one of your shows would be the bestestes b-day present. hahaha.

2003-10-28 15:25:06 ET

mis: silly goose =)

300: one day when we are a popular band, we will tour the US

2003-10-28 15:26:50 ET

I hope that's soon. ^________^

2003-10-28 16:05:58 ET

me too!

2003-10-31 04:28:33 ET

Hahahaha; that geek humor is actually pretty funny! :D I have never been to a wedding; I bet the first one I will ever go to will be my own. That blows; I want to go party and eat for free.

2003-10-31 06:00:47 ET

lol...its kinda hard for me to cut loose and party with all of my relatives on hand

2003-10-31 06:07:16 ET

Hahaha, I suppose that is true. It's just that my brother and sister in law had a JP wedding much to my parents chagrin (sp?). I am not close with any of my cousins or anything, my sister will probabbley never get married, and almost none of my friends are in committed relationships, let a lone wanting to marry. I just want to go to one and see what it's like before having my own, but I guess I'm at a loss!

2003-10-31 17:48:43 ET

i'[m sure a cousin will get married soon. they have to invite family!

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