sick of myself
2003-11-24 07:57:02 ET

[ mood | quixotic ]
[ music | sick of myself - matthew sweet ]

feeling a bit better after the weekend. -return to center- how very zen of me...

friday night, after work, i ran down to smash studios to drop off some books and cd's to matt who is designing the hylas website. then down to the mountain to give reason 2.0 to my bro. i heard some of his new beats, they are pure gold. im proud of him, hes gonna make something of himself in the music biz. at least one of us has talent in the field! home for a bit to change, then back out to contempt. thankfully, they fixed the ailing sub-woofer so the sound was noticeably better this time around. they played some old school joints i hadnt heard in forever.

saturday night was fun, my last batcave night for 3 weeks. this coming week is our show in trenton with croc shop. not that fired up for this show yet, but i suppose i'll feel better about it the day of the show. i'll have to rehearse sometime this week. but anyway, getting back to the night, i was unusually outgoing, introducing myself to several people. certain people must think that i am horribly snobbish, when in fact, i am just shy and slow to make friends. did a good amount of dancing and socializing. i never have much to say in clubs, i find small-talk extremely exhausting. but in good news, ian spun 'devil with the green eyes' mixed it straight up from 'timekiller' which is cool. then later on, joe spun 'last emotion' good shit. anyway, the site is updated with info for our philly show, go check it out!

this week is already hellish. i hate thanksgiving.

2003-11-24 14:26:03 ET

Good to hear Contempt was better. I still can't get over how bad the sound was the night we went.

Sorry I haven't had a chance to get back to you. Been working hours that keep changing day to day.

Hope you survive the holidays!

Don't have much time left to be on. I'll go check out the site though.:)

2003-11-25 05:01:42 ET

How could you hate Thanksgiving? It's such a great holiday! All about eating the most tasty of foods, going on a walk so one doesn't get a spontaneous explosion of the stomach lining, and watching a ton of movies.
Embrace it, dude! :D

2003-11-25 14:19:49 ET

AS: thanks! yes, contempt was a billion times better...sub-woofers rule

DP: you havent met my family!

2003-11-25 16:27:26 ET

That much is true; take care dude; try and have as much fun as possible

2003-11-26 22:38:35 ET


2003-11-27 05:02:59 ET

dp: i will try...though now i am sick!

hi jesssss!!!!! where have you been?

2003-11-30 18:48:40 ET

fine i misss you silly boy. remember the phone calls>?

2003-11-30 19:39:21 ET

yes...i do. i miss you too! i lost your me! ta ta

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