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2003-12-01 05:11:49 ET

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who hates mondays? i do, i do! anyway, the past weekend was difficult to get through. the family got together for thanksgiving...and i had to fend off the inevitable questions about when i am getting married again. they speak as if willing girls are lined up waiting for a chance and all i have to do is to pick one. ha! nothing could be further from the truth. i am having enough trouble finding one i can get along with and who is compatible with my brutal schedule.

i slept almost all day thursday, friday and sunday. saturday, i trekked out to jersey for our show in trenton. i was pleasantly surprised, we played in front of about 80-90 heads which was much more than i was expecting. again we were caught off guard and didnt bring any cds. it seems, despite our best efforts, we are still gaining in popularity. which is surprising since we have done next to nothing to promote ourselves. if you missed us in trenton, then check us out in philly. go to our site for more info.

as for the show, it wasnt our best effort, but still solid. the sound at conduit is very that made up for alot...and considering we got NO SOUND CHECK, it went as well as we could have hoped. the guys from croc shop are extremely nice was a pleasure chatting with them before and after our set. mick even recognized me from my old glory days with neuroplague. afterwards, we get paid and bounce to q's. on the way back, i was in the car with chris and of course we get pulled over. FUCK! anyway, long story short, he got off pretty easy...i just had to drive away because he found out that his lisence was suspended. good thing i wasnt totally trashed and was able to drive for a few miles before switching back. funny shit. oh and a big shout out to lenny who drove bio and myself to brooklyn after q's. thanks bro, that was huge.

another week looms ahead...a trip to virginia coming up this weekend.

2003-12-01 05:13:54 ET

I'll never understand parental units. Besides, How old are you? Why would they be pushing you so much?

2003-12-01 05:15:17 ET

Hey, I live in Philly. If I have the cash, I'll check it out!

2003-12-01 05:47:16 ET

cyber: i am 30...and my parents want grandchildren...thus the endless pressure to produce offspring.

soviet: yes, please come out. the cover is only $5.

2003-12-01 05:50:54 ET

Wow, I'll definetly have to then. I'm always looking for something fun to do. Are you guy's based anywhere near Philly?

2003-12-01 05:53:10 ET

we are based in ny/northern jersey. this will be our first philly appearance. btw, our website is:

2003-12-01 05:54:30 ET

Cool. :-) I'll check it out.

2003-12-01 05:59:45 ET

Hmm, I have several friends who are 30 years old and nothing even close to marriage...things move a lot slower nowadays :)

btw, you don't like a day over .. 23.

2003-12-01 07:13:27 ET

soviet: please do

cyber: haha, thanks, its the asian genes...

2003-12-01 08:39:12 ET

Wow dude; I'm glad you didn't get arrested when you got pulled over. Not that I condone driving while under the influence of any depressant or stimulant besides life itself, BUT, I had a few near misses back in hike skool and never understood how I mangaged to be so coherent in the face of that particular adversety.
I'm sorry that Thanksgiving was so pressurific; they should have been givng thanks for a successful youth in their midst rather than botherin yo ass.

2003-12-01 09:41:47 ET

I'm teling you, let's get hitched and move to New Zealand! ^_^

Although, I dunno if your parent's would like me.....hehe

2003-12-01 09:51:34 ET

thanks gus, you saved my ass! haha

2003-12-02 15:29:01 ET

dp: amen

mis. new zealand sounds nice about now...its freezing here!

DC: haha, im glad i was there

2003-12-02 15:34:53 ET

My friend is there now. It's raining a bit over there, but that's WAY better than snow.

2003-12-03 14:45:33 ET

Nuts to New Zealand, move to Australia. It's Slaadtastic.

2003-12-03 14:51:59 ET

you still have that room available? this new york winter is killing me...and its just begun

2003-12-03 15:27:55 ET

Hells yeah. $100au/week and it's yours.

2003-12-04 04:27:33 ET


2003-12-04 15:47:25 ET

Rock, when can you move in? ;)

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