2003-12-07 11:52:49 ET

what a horrible weekend for me. my weekend getaway to virginia was cancelled due to the blizzard. sat at the airport for 4 hours on friday. didnt even make it to the airport on saturday...since i checked the us airways site and discovered that the flight out was cancelled. then the magnetic strip on my atm card ripped as i tried to get cash to go out on saturday. so no batcave for me. sitting at home, broke until monday. i did catch 'the last samurai' good flick. i sat there with a lump in my throat for 2 hours...nothing chokes me up more than men riding senselessly to their deaths. but well done nonetheless. trying to fight my way through chaos legion. my hand is cramped from all the button mashing. finished quicksilver awhile back. i recommend this and any and all neal stephenson books. the only one of his i havent read is zodiac. i dont mind the snow and cold. its the wind that sucks. wind...please go away.

2003-12-08 12:43:29 ET

Ouch! That's a suckin' weekend right there. Hopefully the next one is better.

2003-12-08 14:11:23 ET

i hope so too

2003-12-09 03:55:24 ET

Wind is definetly the key ingrediant to making cold weather unbearable. In Chicago, the wind might not blow as ahrd as in some cities but the thing is it never stops blowing! Ugh....well, soon I will be a New Yorker like yourself; maybe it will be betetr for me, heh heh.
I'm sorry your palns went awry and that crappy thing happened with your ATM card. I hate circumstances of mounting setbacks. I raise my coffee mug in hopes that you ahev a better weekend this weekend. And damn; if you go to Batcave, you might see me! (I'm visiting NYC this weekend to find a place to live).
By the way....know anyone who needs a roomate?

2003-12-09 11:42:55 ET

I do DanPratt! Of course, it is in Sydney ;)

2003-12-09 18:22:28 ET

DP: awww....too bad, i'll be in philly for our show there. i wish i could meet up with you

2003-12-10 03:45:32 ET

slaad: Oh man....I'd move to Sydney in about 5 seconds if I wasn't engaged; I have always wanted to live in Australia. In fact, I was going to apply to some schools there last year, but when I realized our seasons are different and I had missed this years application deadline, I figured I should just stick with lame ol USA for now.
Azrael: Aww damn...that's too bad! Well, I will live there soon enough and then you will probabley keep seeing me and be like, "What the fuck?" Hahahaha.

2003-12-10 05:38:05 ET

cool cool

2003-12-10 10:34:57 ET

Yeah, I remember sending you the URLs to some schools here. Just for the record, it's currently the summer holidays here. Uni doesn't resume until March ~30, so you've got plenty of time to organise a school and move into our spare room ;)

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