we stand alone
2003-12-31 07:11:46 ET

[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | we stand alone - covenant ]

first off, happy new year everyone.
i'm stuck at work today which puts a major crimp into my plans. not to mention that i have to be at my parents house at 9am. my new years is fooked.
went down for a invigourating visit to the DMV yesterday. oh the joys of the DMV. then hung out with vince playing tiger woods golf all day. yea, i've established i am a dork. probably still gonna try to make it out to CBGB's gallery tonight to listen to DJ CYN spin. then heading home to bed and an early trip to queens. -shudder-
not much else to report. i am bored with my life right now. i need something or someone new. anyone wanna hook me up with a nice girl? i think i have spent too much time alone. my life seems so empty and meaningless these days.

2003-12-31 07:26:21 ET

i need something or someone new. anyone wanna hook me up with a nice girl?

get in line, buddy =)

2003-12-31 08:01:11 ET

as at the DMV, i got a 'front of line' pass. =P

2003-12-31 08:19:57 ET

i hate the DMV.


2003-12-31 08:22:12 ET

Heh, funny, my life seems empty and meaningless too.

2003-12-31 08:32:22 ET

blu: yes, too true

TE: ahh, the essence of life, my friend is lonliness and despair. we just need to find someone to share the burden so that it doesnt seem so crushingly heavy.

2003-12-31 09:56:46 ET

Life stats

Empty: CHECK
Meaningless: CHECK

Well I guess I can hop on the bandwagon then. If I lived abouts 3K miles closer, this shouldn't be a problem. In the meantime, Happy New Year to you too!

2003-12-31 11:10:39 ET

Its like I always say, mismon, everyone should just move into my basement.

2004-01-01 17:03:49 ET

I think living in stillbjorn's basement sound like the most rational idea. At least I hope you rocked out on New Years. There have got to be a lot of fine hoes up in New York. Shh well; I'm moving in about two weeks. After I start making friends, I will try to hook you up :)

2004-01-02 02:12:05 ET

thanks DP!

2004-01-02 09:28:55 ET

Lila - I'm sure you'll fit in with the gang. ;)

2004-01-02 15:12:03 ET

Asrael: Hell YES! No prob!

Shay:You mean the basement gang? Good thing; I can't wait to live in a basement.

2004-01-02 15:13:28 ET

the basement is open to all who are interested.

access to big screen TV requires sexual favors...

2004-01-02 15:19:56 ET

Well, I will have my own place in Queens, BUT, there is nothing that will spear-head my way in the world like living in a basement, aye?

2004-01-04 02:48:06 ET

dude, the sk gang!

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