tactical to practical
2004-01-13 15:16:23 ET

i am going to play poker tomorrow night. this excites me. work is good these days, though the commute will always suck. its cold! its only january and i am already sick of winter. in other news, i like sprite remix.

2004-01-13 15:22:11 ET

asdkjhdfgh, I love the winter. I wish it would get a lot more cold here though.

I've never tried sprite remix.

2004-01-13 15:24:51 ET

winter down south is cool. winter here sucks! and sprite remix rocks...you should give it a try!

2004-01-13 15:31:38 ET

They used to sell it in the vending machines last year. But they got rid of the machines. So i'll have to go buy some one day.

2004-01-13 15:34:43 ET

sprite remix tastes like sprite with skittles in it.

2004-01-13 15:35:25 ET

yea! thats true!

2004-01-13 15:37:41 ET

*gets a bottle of sprite, and pours skittles into it*


2004-01-13 15:38:32 ET


2004-01-13 15:39:41 ET

*gives you some*

2004-01-13 15:55:13 ET

What the hell is Sprite Remix? You crazy Yanks.

I'll trade you 10degC of heat for 10degC of cold. That should balance us out nicely.

And commutes do suck. 6:30am should not exist.

2004-01-13 16:03:32 ET

that would be a fair and honorable exchange. and 6:30am is the worst moment of my date

2004-01-13 16:31:21 ET

They didn't invite me to poker night?! :[

2004-01-13 16:31:57 ET

Woo, now if only I could figure a way to actually perform the exchange.

I take it 6:30am is the time in the day when you can't hit snooze any longer and must get out of bed also?

2004-01-13 16:33:08 ET

bio: sorry dude

slaad: yes

2004-01-14 06:36:37 ET

Dan- you can come to my house, and we can play strip poker. :p

2004-01-14 13:16:02 ET

If Gus doesn't get to see my supple bosom, neither do you!!

2004-01-14 13:35:17 ET

lmao. poo. :(

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