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2004-01-21 09:38:53 ET

[ mood | apathetic ]
[ music | theft, and wandering around lost - cocteau twins ]

hmmm, lets see...
friday night i went to the mountain to hang out with my brother. had some drinks. speaking of my brother, he is very close to getting a record contract o produce hip-hop/reggae beats. i always knew he would get somewhere. also, his producer is a big trance freak. he cut a couple of tracks which are beyond hot. like on the level of tiesto. good shit. especially the blondie remix of 'good boys'

went home to shower and change for contempt. i sat down to listen to the cd my bro gave me and the next thing i know, i am waking up the next day. so i missed contempt. damnit! during the day saturday, i watched 'along came polly' with my roomate. i generally enjoy ben stiller movies...but this one only had one funny moment. the chemistry was horrible and the movie generally stunk. then a tasty japanese lunch. i could eat japanese food every day. bought 'gladius' for PS2. havent had much time to rock it yet...but it looks promising.

batcave was ok. then i somehow got talked into getting a hotel room so a few of us could hang out. paid way too much for it - and i'm a bit bitter for it. it sounded like such a good idea when i was drunk! anyway, it was cool because deathcondition showed up out of nowhere to chill for awhile. that was the highlight.

sunday was spent being tired as all hell, after having slept only 2 hours...if that. the week has been filled with work. not much to say about it, really. oh, and the cold needs to go away. i'm sick of it!

2004-01-21 20:46:32 ET

drunk + wallet = bad mojo.

2004-01-22 05:53:26 ET

Are you going to BC this weekend? We're comin' out.
For once in a lifetime. :)

2004-01-22 12:01:10 ET

mis: yea, no doubt!

storm: i'll see you there homie

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