2004-01-27 10:39:19 ET

[mood | cold]
[music | i still feel - martina topley-bird]

friday night i went to the mountain. stayed until 5am, drank a bit and hung out with aeden. it was good times. oh, before then i bought some new pants and a pullover. i needed some work clothes.

saturday, i head out to jersey -tired as hell- we tracked vox to 'wake of destruction' which is going on a compilation in europe. we had a great time doing it and it came out much stronger than i anticipated. good solid thumpin electro. should be tearing up dancefloors everywhere soon - i hope.

after that went with chris to qxt's for about an hour to pre-game. then off to batcave. it took longer to find parking than it took to drive there. it was good times. had a few drinks...i was doing fine until i helped kill a joint. that rocked my world. i could barely stand up straight. took a cab home after i got lured out early for these mysterious burgers which never materialized. damn you chris!

sunday was spent recuperating and laundry. which needs folding. grrr.

2004-01-27 11:33:54 ET

A Symbiotic track is going on a compilation? That's kick ass stuff :)

2004-01-27 12:01:08 ET

yea, i'm stoked. but its a bit over the top aggro, you probably wont like it as much as some of the other tracks...we definately took it to the next level.

2004-01-27 14:46:40 ET

snow party up at Gus' house.

2004-01-27 17:51:53 ET


2004-01-27 18:18:10 ET

I'll have to check it out when I get the chance.

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