my life is just one big cliche
2004-01-30 06:29:52 ET

[mood | cold]
[music | lovesong - the cure]

gotta jet out to q's tonight. normally i wouldnt go, but we are supposed to be taking band pics for the europen comp. i gotta get back to nyc tonight that i can wake up early enough to go to kate's birthday party. after which i should be at BC...around 12 or 1.

in other news, i am stressed about taxes. being a freelancer sucks sometimes. especially at tax time! grrr.
not much else to report - i'll see anyne who heads out to q's tonight. hey jarv...if you read this...bring the final mixdown of 'wake of destruction' with you.

2004-01-30 10:20:48 ET

Hi there...where is Q's? I need to get the low-down on cool places. I'm going to some damn place in the alphabets tonight.
And I don't mean to sound like a semi-moron, BUT, why does being a freelancer suck at tax time? I understand that things are not as easily laid out for you of course, but I want the fiance is becoming a free lancer now.

2004-01-30 10:33:03 ET

because i have not paid my quarterly taxes. most freelancers get their gross pay and have to deal with taxes themselves.

qxt's is in newark, new jersey...i am not going out tonight as i had planned. the shoot was rescheduled. but i should be at batcave tomorrow night. thats on 30th street between 7th and 8th avenue

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