after all
2004-02-06 09:08:18 ET

here is a post for just you sk people. i may have found a sk wife. go me!

in other news. the new seabound album is disappointing thus far. i never felt the same about them after i saw them live in new york. talk about your boring show. snooze

i am rediscovering my fondness for echo and the bunnymen.

2004-02-06 12:03:48 ET

What is echo and the bunnymen? Hahah..

I may have found an SK husband lol

I like Seabound but yeah I agree I find them somewhat boring and I've never been to a show. Some of their songs absolutely rock though, like Exorcise.

2004-02-06 13:37:55 ET

I have found an sk wife, too.
Man, I saw Seabound at Downtime ... probably when you were there ...
Man, they sucked soooo hardcore.

I guess the only good part of the evening was feeling up a fat chick. :/

2004-02-06 13:40:37 ET


Aww you and Jesse make a cuute couple.

2004-02-07 00:11:31 ET



2004-02-09 11:47:14 ET

yup, seabound was awful when i saw em a few years ago out here opening for stromkern. blech. bad night over all. highlight of the evening was some dumb rapper guy trying to hit on my best friend--he kept buying us drinks all night. :)

2004-02-09 12:14:36 ET

that was the same tour i saw them on. why do rapper guys go to goth clubs?

2004-02-09 12:16:01 ET

To hear Benraver spin Missy Elliot?

p.s. stromkernseabound tour suxx0red@!

2004-02-09 12:23:22 ET

i hate to say it...but stromkern were way better live

2004-02-09 13:25:04 ET

stromkern: oldman elektro hiphop.

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